By K. Emerson. Paperback. Fiction - Sci-Fi. Colorado Author.

The beginning of a breathtaking Epic-Fantasy-meets-Sci-Fi series set in a world awaiting a change of Era. 
It is 2120 A.D. 

The human race faces extinction. While fresh water is being rapidly depleted from the surface of the earth, the temporal dimension binding our solar system together begins to fade. Astral princedoms orchestrate the most nefarious attack in history against humankind. 

Amid the hellish chaos, humanity's only hope lies within an ancestral and subterranean civilization unknown to man, in whose domain is a vast freshwater ocean. 

With the help of an ordinary teenage boy named Henry, mystical guardians called Thakaiken will ascend from The land of Tenshia to the surface and defend people from the celestial conspiracy, restore the planet, and claim the everlasting right of Man to obtain the secrets of the universe. 

Their mission's success entirely depends on humanity's ability to raise its consciousness, as it was meant to be since the dawn of time.

Zorah: thr Adversaries

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