By Johnny Welsh. Paperback. Non-Fiction - Memoir, Business. Colorado Author.

Are you curious about the legalization of marijuana across the nation? 

You'll discover the good, the bad, and the funny in Weedgalized in Colorado.

Don't miss your chance to learn from the first state to go live with recreational sales.

Colorado's cannabis culture is more colorful than you imagined! Pot became legal in Colorado on 

January 1, 2014, and everything changed. The first three years of legalization will never be repeated and are captured here in historical humor and education.

Culture transformed, entrepreneurs descended and people couldn't stop talking about it. 

Specifically, in the heart of Colorado ski country, everyone was talking to professional bartender and award-winning author, Johnny Welsh.

Meet the Sheriff and the Town Stoner, the "Ganjapreneurs" and Girl Scouts entrepreneurs.

It's about time someone told Colorado's story from a Colorado point of view! 

Here are the good-humored true tales of legalization, including outrageous characters, 

crazy products, inventive businesses, laid-back budtenders, out-of-work drug dealers, cannabis controversies, and tourism booms and busts. 


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