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Written, Performed and Created by Irina Bogomolova. Colorado Poet, Author and Performer.

**Includes book “They Will Not Bleed For Us, Tease, CD and sticker.**

Irina is a Russian-born, Colorado local-enough poet who resides in Denver. She is an open-mic-er, national slammer, and party performer. Irina is one to walk into the wrong house wearing a unicorn onesie asking where her friends are, knowing damn well they are not there. She has since accumulated an extra dose of anxiety when it comes to houses, and showing up to the wrong one. She writes poetry, and only poetry, unless she’s writing a research report but that’s not quite as exciting, or memorizable. Her first love/main squeeze is the stage—it is her space of total peace and presence.
Irina represented Denver on the 2018 Mercury Café team at the National Poetry Slam in Chicago. In 2019, she was one of the featured poets on PBS’s Head Room Sessions. Her work covers many subjects including (but not limited to!); substance use disorders, family, love and break-ups (but like, mainly break-ups), society, anxiety, immigration, and healing from all of the above.

In 2019, Irina published her first book titled, They Will Not Bleed for Us. In They Will Not Bleed for Us, Irina explores family, love, society, and art. The book is organized into five parts according to family member, revealing the impact of upbringing and culture on the people we become. A collection of years’ worth of writing, this book is an attempt to heal by moving through. In addition to her book, she also has a CD available; an audio version of the book mixed with music.
Outside of her dark poetry, Irina is a damn good time. And really good at writing personal bios and not being awkward about it; while being totally awkward about it.

They Will Not Bleed For Us