By Johnny Welsh. Paperback. Non-Fiction - Memoir. Colorado Author.

What if you were told that you could not use your smartphone for two weeks?

Would it be a disaster or a life-changing experience?

A young couple decides to take on that challenge during a 16-day vacation.

What happened next was shocking…

Johnny and Kristy’s travel adventure quickly turned into a self-deprecating comedy that will have you both laughing out loud and reconsidering your smartphone habits.

Newly met friends began adopting their example and lives were lighting up.

Discover how a reduction in technology can lead to your serendipitous adventure and experience the same benefits as the top reviewers; You may…

Find yourself thoroughly entertained by a cast of unique characters met along the way
Bring back fond memories of family travel
Feel like a part of this adventure
Finally, be at peace with reducing phone time

Bonus: A big romantic surprise in this true love story! (engagement ring?)

Paper Maps, No Apps

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