By Joshua Rutherford. Paperback. Sci-Fi/Fantasy Adventure.

For ages, Greater Dyli has forced its women to be subservient to men. They do their bidding daily and are expected to go about their lives a second-class citizens. At least during the day. By night, whilst men sleep, women are able to do as they please. They may converse freely. Run their own shops and stalls. They may even fight. In this restricted society rises Ashallah, a soldier of the female-driven army known as the midnight warriors. By night, she protects her motherland alongside her fellow females. By day, she is expected to act as any other woman in a veil. As any dutiful soldier, she complies. That is until tragedy strikes her family. Alone and without honor, Ashallah goes on the run. While fleeing, she partners with two mysterious strangers – hybrid offspring of the jinn – who illuminate a forgotten part of her past that sheds light on her destiny.


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