By Joshua Rutherford. Paperback. Sci-Fi/Fantasy Adventure.

In a medieval land four identical brothers, in the guise of one prince, battle a mysterious evil. A riveting tale of fantasy and adventure, Kinghood follows the secret lives of quadruplets Symon, Dawkin, Ely, and Gerry. Since birth, they have taken turns serving as their island’s monarch-in-waiting, Prince Jameson. Through careful planning, they have managed to cultivate the image of a perfect royal, a rising star within their kingdom. Handsome. Strong. Intelligent. Charismatic. A natural-born leader. But such an icon has come at a cost. The alliance between brothers is fragile and taut, with each different in personality and ambition, eager to make their own mark on the world. In the midst of this darkness and intrigue, their father the king is assassinated. Chaos ensues. Allies talk of usurping the throne while murderers and plotters seem to stalk every corner. Forced to put aside their differences, the brothers unite to face their enemies and rise as one.


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