By Joy Anna. Non-Fiction - Memoir. Colorado Author.

This fun collection captures the best everyday thoughts and unconscious musings of Josh, as he grew from a precocious toddler to a witty young boy. His mom kept his wisdom and witticisms written on scraps of paper and in a journal over the years, and she has finally released them for us to enJoy. The imagination and advice include a tip to conjure up a sibling: "Doesn't your tummy tell you if you're having another baby?"; and comical observations including, "This taste like body odor smells." The cartoons are illustrated by Josh (depictions of his own words) in delightful stick figure art. This unique little book will brighten your day and be popular with people who are searching for positivity in a world drowning in gloom and doom. Let Josh fill your soul with Joy.

Just Joshin’ Ya

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