• Adam Ross

Winter Counts - The Review

A gripping thriller! I could not put this book down.

Virgil is a member of the Lakota tribe living on a reservation in South Dakota. He does odd jobs for a living - including bringing vigilante for hire justice to those doing wrong. His nephew, Nathan, lives with him and he is his guardian.

Virgil gets hired by a member of the tribal council to find the person or persons responsible for selling heroin on the reservation and get them to stop. At the same time Nathan overdoses, which brings a slew of legal repercussions. As Virgil gets closer to the truth the danger grows.

A couple of things stood out to me. First, the members of the Lakota tribe are well aware of how white people perceive them and fail them when it comes to crime. What is interesting is how they have accepted the discriminatory treatment from white people. Instead of being brought down by it, they work around it.

Second, the criminal justice system’s reach falls short of Native American tribes. Getting an inside look at the system from the point of view of a Lakota tribesman was eye-opening. While the tale is fictional, I understand that the criminal justice system represented in this book is rather accurate to modern day scenarios.

Mr. Weiden delivers a page-turning, adrenaline pumping debut.

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