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Why Reading Books Makes You Better at Manifesting

Guest Post from Lora Cheadle, Author, Life Choreographer and Friend.


For many people, thinking of books reminds them of school. If you loved school – which probably means if you were “good at” school, because we tend to love the things we are good at – then more than likely you love books. But if you didn’t like school, you might not be too fond of books. But no matter your past experience with books or school, if you want to get “good at”manifesting, you’ve got to read.

Manifesting requires two things: The knowledge of what you want and the ability to feel how it feels to have what you want. It doesn’t matter how you consume books, whether in digital, audio or print format, reading gives you the ability to discoverwhat you want as well as the ability to feel what it feels like to have what you want.

Reading Increases Your Knowledge of What is Possible

Because we can’t manifest something we don’t know exists, our ability to manifest is limited to that which we know. In order to manifest something, we have to know our options. No, we don’t need every detail, but the more we know and understand what it is we want, the more easily we can manifest it.

Reading gives us a window into everything outside of ourselves and our own experiences. It expands our horizons and shows us,with clarity, everything that is possible. The more we know, the more we understand, and the more confident and comfortable we feel reaching for that which we desire.

Books convey information. They challenge us to think differently, to learn about people, places, and things that we otherwise would know nothing about. Books build our schema and improve our ability to think, dream, and therefore – manifest.

Reading Improves Your Ability to Feel

If we want to manifest something, we need to know how it feels to have what we want. And how can we know what it feels like unless we have already experienced it? Through reading, of course!

Reading allows us to feel what it’s like to be in and to experience a wide variety of situations and circumstances. It increases our empathy and prods us into feeling feelings that we might ordinarily try to push aside in our everyday lives. When our imagination is activated, we are more easily able to visualize or pretend how it feels to have what we want. Through reading, we get to experience the sensations, ideas and feelings of others who have what we want, which can cause our ability to manifest to skyrocket.

Additionally, since reading improves our imagination and our ability to retain and synthesize new information, it keeps our brains young and malleable. We find that we are thinking better, our self-confidence and self-worth skyrockets, and we become more engaged in the world. Our ability to take meaningful steps toward our goals also increases and success literally becomes imminent!

Read Your Way to Success

Whether you intentionally pick up a book you think might be relevant for you, or whether you stumble upon a random book that ends up changing your life, you can be certain that every book you read impacts you and ups your ability to manifest in some way.

So, without further ado, I challenge you to begin reading. To allow yourself to think, feel, and experience the power of the stories that you read. No, this is not school and there will not be a test! This is life – your life, actually – and it can be anything that you want it to be. Your job is to figure out what it is you want, and there’s no better way of doing that than through the power of books.

Do yourself a favor and pick up a book today!

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