• Adam Ross

Meet Author Bart Windrum

One of my main goals, and favorite things to do, is to introduce you to authors you may not have come across yet. Before Shelter -in- Place orders were given these chats occurred at local coffee shops. As we found ourselves becoming experts in social distancing the chats went online and became a daily thing. Which brought Boulder, CO author Bart Windrum to a Zoom chat session. He is the author of "The Promised Landing" - a book that made it easier for me and countless others to talk about the dying and the many types of dying. The Matrix he created is detailed and extremely helpful. I could go on but I think it best to turn this post over to the video session and let the man himself explain his book, his Matrix and more.

For more information please visit www.axiomaction.com. Special thanks to author Bart Windrum for chatting and sharing your work! Stay healthy!

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