• Adam Ross

Understanding the Ancient Secrets of Healing - The Review

Fascinating read! I had no idea sound and light could be so healing.

There is a lot of research that has gone into this book as well as the Harmonic Egg itself. I was never a science guy so a lot of it is a bit over my head. However, author Gail Lynn does a great job keeping the reader captivated and understanding how light and sound can be healing. She also cites a lot of credible references; in fact, it's like taking a walk through history as she explains how each scientist and doctor came to the end of their experiments and created plausible theories. Gail Lynn is a great author and a great person to have around to keep me inspired, motivated and feeling positive about things. Any author who can explain topics that most won't understand in a way that is engaging and captivating gets an A+ in my book. Not only did she write this book but she also uses the Egg in real life to help others achieve balance. Visit www.harmonicegg.com to learn more and book your appointment.

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