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Trailer Trash - The Review

Trailer Trash an 80's Memoir

Having grown up in the eighties I definitely appreciate this memoir. Angie Cavallari has a great sense of humor and I imagine the life of the trailer park bbq party.

Author Cavallari's memoir takes us back in time - to a simpler time - to her formative years. We are treated to her and her siblings adventures as her parents own and manage a trailer park. As you may have guessed the park is full of interesting characters (and yes a couple of them are drunks). A place filled with so many oddballs and yet Cavallari does a great job of bringing some humanity to their down-trodden spirits. Her observations of them go beyond just the first impression. We're treated to some youthful insights and reminded that in spite of character flaws and lives filled with mistakes everyone is a person and just trying to survive.

My other take-away, and I already mentioned it, was that life was much simpler. Sure some tenants had hookers for girlfriends and others love their booze and drugs - but everyone just shrugged it off and knew to watch their step. The people with these habits weren't necessarily dangerous - again, just surviving and coping in their own way. It was nice to read about a diverse group of people who got along with each other in spite of their differing views and opinions. Maybe we can take a page out of park livin' in order to get along better today.

At any rate, as I digested this humorous memoir I kept imagining myself in a sleeveless red flannel and sporting a mullet while enjoying a PBR. And let's not forget the plastic pink flamingoes in front of the ole' RV.

See what other adventures Angie Cavallari is up to by visiting her website. www.angiecavallari.com

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