• Adam Ross

The Soul City Salvation - The Review

In a departure for Jonathan LaPoma we are treated to a ride that connects all his books and takes us on a journey through anxiety and depression. When I say it connects all of his books....there are references and nods to his earlier works. I realized that the main character, Jay's, suffering could be happening to all of his main characters. Each one of them is lost and looking for something as they work a soulless job and party their lives away.

In Soul City there is indeed salvation as Jay walks away from the driftless past and embraces a more creative and fulfilling future. It's going to take a good deal of work and that work is shown to us as we read about his struggles and suffering. Jay gets a job at a start-up charter school and shelves his dreams of being a writer and actor. The thoughts are there and he shares those desires but doesn't pursue them. As time goes by he realizes he doesn't want that aimless, party life. He walks away from one of his closest friends and moves to a place that will challenge him.

As the walls crumble and he learns about himself he begins to write and attend film festivals and takes frequent trips to Mexico where he feels most comfortable. Each of these trips provide him a breath of fresh air in his life where he struggles to breathe.

While this tale is much more focused on the journey of Jay instead of his adventures it also gives us a front row seat to what anxiety, OCD and depression look like. We see it in its raw form. Jay is a tortured soul and embracing his mental illness is not easy but he does it.

An enjoyable and educational read. While the story may seem heavy and dark at times, stick with it. I turned the final page feeling satisfied, confident and entertained. And with a much better understanding of what life with a mental illness is like. LaPoma's sarcasm and dark humor are ever present as well. Great job Jon!

Snag a paperback copy right here: https://www.rosscolorenzo.com/product-page/the-soul-city-salvation-1

And be sure to visit author Jonathan LaPoma at his online home here: www.jonlapoma.com

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