• Adam Ross

The Silent Song

The Silent Song

a poem by Lisa Jo Barr

The Silent Song

by Lisa Jo Barr

In the silence of rumination

I lay breathless, spellbound

all music has disappeared without a trace

until my alarm annouces

a new day, a clean slate, a white canvas

ready to change my life

by writing the chorus of my tomorrow.

How much snow

can one person endure behind the cordial love

that others deem safe?

I trespass through

the rumination of old endings

to the other side of a sparkling world

where depression is as extinct as dinosaurs,

where fun and love collide --

into a deep silent peace

strong as concrete,

rooted as deep as a weeping willow that is

seen dancing to a Leonard Cohen song,

where nothing can be seen

that we have seen before

no scars, no tails, just heads laughing

with beginning

and in the visions of bliss

of dreams realized

the silence is the space between notes

and the music plays again.

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