• Adam Ross

The Return of the Blog

Good morning early birds! It’s been a minute since I have taken the time to write a blog. And frankly, I miss it.

I remember when the internet was first coming to life (having to connect via dial-up always had me on the edge of my seat in anticipation - would it connect? Would it not?) and a couple of years later blogging became a thing. I started reading those blogs and thinking I can do this too. But wait - what the Hell am I going to write about that’s so different from everyone else’s blog?

Many cooking blogs came to be. How could I share a post about cooking Top Ramen? I’d put more effort into the blog than the meal...especially since I can cook those tasty and salty noodles in just about two minutes time. So a cooking blog was out.

Fashion? Nope...jeans and a t-shirt aren’t that interesting. Bird watching? Nope. Driving a garbage truck? Nope. The ideas kept rolling in and I continually struck them down, finding obscure reasons not to.

And then it dawned on me - just sit my ass down and write about whatever came to me ad do it regularly. Guess what happened? I began to get a following! And subscribers and website traffic. Simply because I began sharing things I love - books, authors, coffee, beer, Star Wars, and humor. Sure there are plenty of those blogs out there that cover those topics but I like to gab about it too so why not?

Point being: sit your ass down and get to work on making your ideas and dreams come to life. Share your passions and your loves. That’s how I got started on this crazy journey. And I have loved every second of it.

Also, I’ll be blogging regularly again. I’ve gotten away with it during these crazy times. But like I said - I miss it and I enjoy it. Happy reading! Take care. - Adam

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