• Adam Ross

The Promised Landing - The Review

by Colorado Author Bart Windrum

The Promised Landing is more than a book - it's a resource and a tool to help not only those approaching death but those around them as well. I realize that sounds a bit off. Afterall, how can we approach death let alone prepare for it? Mr. Windrum has come up with a way and he outlines it wonderfully in his book.

Having experienced the unexpected passing of his parents author Windrum set out to not only grieve and process his emotions and feelings but to share what he learned, felt and experienced. A few years back I lost an important figure in my life and I can relate to a lot of what he is explaining and laying out. My grandfather went through some medical mistakes that expedited his passing. I sure wish I had read this book sooner as it would have helped me to cope and speak with the medical team a bit better so that I understood what was going on.

One of the biggest take-aways for me was the conversations he had with medical professionals who said we need this book to be a guide to talking about death. As I read it and as I write this review I am feeling squeamish about talking about death. It is one of the few topics I don't like discussing - as many of us do. However, a lightbulb went off for me as I read Windrum's work. Talking about death is a great way to prepare for it. And not just through legal paperwork and directives. But in order to assist us in getting over the unknown factor of passing away so that we are comfortable and can pass through that gateway head held high and ready for whatever comes next.

Well-written, well-researched, and thought out. I recommend this book for anyone with a loved one nearing death or having experienced a recent death. It will help you understand the process and help you get ready for your day.

To learn more and to get a copy of this fine book please visit axiomaction.com

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