• Adam Ross

The Mad Hatter’s Son - the Review

The Mad Hatter’s Son

by Helen Starbuck


An engaging mystery led by a driven young woman. A great debut to the series.

Meet Annie Collins. She’s spirited, quirky and won’t give up. An old college friend is sick and calls on Annie - a nurse - to help care for her and ultimately find out what is happening to her. It isn’t long before Annie is caught up in something far darker than she ever imagined.

At the same time she meets a handsome realtor and soon the two find themselves inseparable. Except for this nagging question in the back of Annie’s mind - what is going on with her friend? What soon becomes an investigation drives a wedge between Annie and her new beau. Throw in a couple of stunning deaths and shocking revelations and it is anyone’s guess what is really happening.

I enjoyed getting to know Annie and very much look forward to reading the next installments of the series. Helen Starbuck is a fantastic author who delivers quite the mystery. Visit her website to see upcoming events and to learn more about the Annie Collins mystery series - www.helenstarbuck.com

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