• Adam Ross

The Liberty Key - the Review

This book caught me from the first page. And I was absorbed into this tale with each page turned.

We meet Spencer, a widower, who is moving to a new town and looking for a house. Which is when he becomes entranced by the Liberty House. It isn't long before some strange, paranormal happenings take place. Together, with his neighbors from across the street, they begin to unravel the mystery of the house as well as its dark history.

Spencer having been widowed for three years is damaged and recovering. He's just managed to find a somewhat stable place to be and a frail level of stability. It isn't long before he meets a town local and falls for her. I'm not sure if the talented author, Michael R. Goodwin, intended for the Liberty House to heal him but it seems his adventures and journey to this place have allowed him to remember his deceased loved ones and still be able to move forward and live a happy life.

In all, I greatly enjoyed this book. It's a human tale on every level - even with the haunted experiences with the house. You'll be captivated and intrigued, racing to the end of the book seeking answers and seeing how it all comes to a deadly end. For lovers of the paranormal and unknown this book is right up your alley!

Get your paperback copy right here: https://www.rosscolorenzo.com/product-page/the-liberty-key and enjoy free shipping!

Learn more about hte author, Michael. R. Goodwin by visiting his website here: www.michaelrgoodwin.com

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