• Adam Ross

The Lakehouse - The Review

Gripping! I love small-town mysteries where the secrets of the town slowly get discovered as the danger and threats ratchet up. This novel has all of it.

Told from the points of view of Chief Sobczak, Tracy, and Dr. Bakshir we learn that the small town of Covenant has a few secrets and a few powerful people wanting to keep it that way. Toss in Greg Norman, a wealthy banker from NYC who's wife (a former resident of Covenant) was recently murdered and the body of a young woman near his lakehouse and we are off to the races with intrigue and suspense.

Being a small town, everyone is intertwined and knows everyone. That's half the fun of a thriller like this - figuring out who really has the dirt and who is spreading hearsay. And then when the shocking conclusion - of course, it's been right there all along!

Joe Clifford always delivers a page-turning winner and The Lakehouse wins on all fronts in my book. I took longer breaks at work because I was so very into this one (shh...don't tell the boss). In a summer when thrillers are coming every week, this is one that weaves a very tangled web and does not disappoint.

Get to author Joe Clifford by stopping by his website at www.joeclifford.com

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