• Adam Ross

The Dead Girl in 2A - The Review

This is one of those books that stick with you. Quite the thriller for sure.

Jake flies to Denver to write a dying man’s memoir. On the flight, sitting beside him, is Clara. The two appear to be strangers but nothing is what it seems in the fast-paced novel. They share a connection and a dark confession from her troubles Jake as they go their separate ways. Secrets are slowly revealed as this twisty tide unfolds.

The cover has a quote stating you’ll devour this book in one sitting and I am inclined to agree. Carter Wilson spins a wild web leaving us scratching our heads as we frantically move closer to the revealing third act. And when we do get there the secrets spilled are surprising.

Jake and Clara find themselves in a tight spot and for a minute I wasn’t sure of their fate. You’ll have to read this page-turner to find out for yourselves. What a tale Mr. Wilson!

Find this and other Carter Wilson titles at www.rosscolorenzo.com/shop

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