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The Bright Side of Darkness - The Review

The Bright Side of Darkness

by J.E. Pinto


There many things I enjoyed about this book from Colorado author J.E. Pinto.

The first part of the book reminded me heavily of The Outsiders (by S.E. Hinton). A group of young people are struggling to find their way through life, friendship and love as they grow up in a run-down neighborhood. As life throws many obstacles and roadblocks in their way the group eventually go their own ways. The story centers on Rick as he has the most dynamic arc of his crew. He goes from delinquent to business owner. However, it is not an easy road for him to travel.

The character of Daisy stood out to me. She’s a lovely young lady who is blind. I haven’t read many books with a blind character in it so it was a refreshing change. Not only did I enjoy her feisty spirit but I found her to be unique in that she didn’t let being blind hinder her in any way. In fact, she even goes so far as so help Rick and his motley crew understand braille, being blind and how it really makes her no different than them.

This book is full of themes that can be applied to our daily lives. Second chances, durable friendships and picking ourselves up when we are down. A terrific read that was written with plenty of heart and soul. Be sure to add this to your must-read list.

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Learn more about the talented J.E. Pinto by visiting her on-line home. Click here.

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