• Adam Ross

T’Nell Page for Ward 2 City Council

Give it up for our friend T’Nell Page as she runs for Brighton City Council! We’re very excited and thrilled for her and wish her all the best in her campaign.

Here’s the introduction to her campaign:

“Welcome! My name is T’Nell Page, and I’m running for the Ward 2 City Council Seat in Brighton. I’ve lived in Brighton for thirteen years, twelve in this ward.

While running my household, which includes my amazing husband and 4 wonderful kids, I’m also the Operations Coordinator for the 501c3 non profit A World Aware, Inc., a published author, a homeschool teacher to one of my children, and I’ve been active in my church for the past sixteen years, particularly in the leadership of the Mothers with Preschoolers group.

I decided to step forward as a candidate because I’m a firm believer in the Constitution of the United States, which includes the representation of individuals while developing the community as a whole.

This last year, our beautiful city became divided and lost its trust in the leadership of our Council. Battle lines were drawn. Work experience both through my Early Childhood Education degree and in managerial and customer service jobs have given me skills to cross the dividing lines and help bring resolution to the conflict by developing strong relationships with the various groups and people involved.

When a society includes the rich diversity of its individuals, it becomes a mural that can draw others to its example. Thus the goodness is spread beyond imagining to reality. This includes our children and elderly, disabled and abled, small and large businesses, citizens and public servants.

Thomas Jefferson said, “The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future.” From the youngest to the oldest, Brighton has a wealth of knowledge and history to offer, not just to our city, but throughout the state and country. I want to encourage more schools to have tours of our local historic sites and to join events at the Armory. It was recently discussed in a City Council meeting how we need to show who and what Brighton is for anyone commuting along highway 85. I’d like to see the artists in our community come together and create murals about Brighton that would be vivid displays for the travelers.

Another way to help our city become more unified is to encourage access for all. Our government websites (including schools, city, etc.) should be user-friendly for those who are deaf, hard of hearing, blind, or visually impaired. Currently, it’s difficult for a disabled individual to navigate the drop-down button options, or word documents are presented as pdfs instead. When watching a video, there aren’t closed captions, even when the option is turned on. Our parks need user-friendly equipment such as swings to accommodate wheelchairs. There is one swing at the Recreation Center that allows older children and adults who have physical needs to play, which is a good start. I’d like to see a committee comprised of disabled citizens and their families to help address these needs and to show other communities that Brighton is welcoming to everyone.

As the daughter of a successful locksmith, I’ve seen firsthand the sacrifice, time, and effort it takes to make a small business work. An owner must choose carefully where they will set up their business, whether in a building or being mobile, and where to spend their hard-earned expenses. I’d like to see Brighton streamline the red tape and encourage more companies to choose our city. This would bring jobs and revenue as well as potential consumers visiting the area.

We have great people in our community. Our small town feel with the big city amenities is attractive. Let’s not allow one season of division to keep us from continuing to be a leader for the cities around us, but instead let’s be:

All On The Same Page.”

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