• Adam Ross

Supporting Local

We are living in some crazy times. And local, small businesses are the ones taking the hit. For many this is their source of income. it’s how they feed their families. With social distancing moving from a suggestion to a requirement how can we go support these fine establishments?

Order curbside or to go orders. Don’t use a third party app (unless under quarantine). Go direct to the store. This saves the business money and ensures that 100% of the profit goes to them.

Shop their on-line catalogue. If they have a website where you can shop. Order there and have it delivered.

Neighborhood Shopping List. Work with neighbors to create a shopping list of needs and wants. Have a healthy neighbor collect the funds and lists and do the shopping for the block. This limits the amount of people out and about and helps you get to know who lives nearby.

Having done all this local shopping, we’re offering you a treat! Save 10% on your order at RosscoLorenzo.com when you send us your receipt. Proof of purchase must be dated 3/15/20 or later. Email a screenshot to contact@rosscolorenzo.com and we’ll send you the coupon code for some savings on books and coffee AND our gift assortment launching on 3/17/20. Currently, this promotion only applies to Parker, CO businesses only.

It’s our way of saying thank you for choosing local. From the bottom of our hearts - THANK YOU.

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