• Adam Ross

Strange Stars - The Review

Strange Stars

by Colorado author Jason Heller


A rather enjoyable read that takes a stroll down the sci-fi and music memory lane.

I’m a Bowie fan as well as Star Wars fan. Reading about the seventies and how both entities exploded into popular culture was like pulling back the curtain and seeing how the machine works. Quite fascinating!

Star Wars I, unfortunately, did not see the original trilogy in theatres. However, I am familiar with the hype. For me, the prequel trilogy is what I can relate to in terms of the excitement of the seventies. What I didn’t know is how much into sci-fi Bowie was. Makes perfect sense in hindsight.

Helle does a great job of telling a story about an era that changed every level of society and our values. He touches on Star Trek and of course Star Wars and how they impacted the music world. His encyclopedic knowledge of music is impressive as he details one year after another.

A nostalgic read that captures a groovin’ space explorin’ era.

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