• Adam Ross

#shoplocal Parker Tour

We are living in a funny time. Talks of quarantine, staying home and this crazy run on toilet paper (to be honest....wtf?). Events are being cancelled and venues are closing. All of this in a effort to keep the virus from spreading and to keep us safe.

As this is happening local businesses - the backbone of the American economy - is suffering. Which is why I went on my shop and support local businesses tour. Recently, I relocated to Parker, CO and absolutely love this town. Can’t keep me inside when there is so much here to offer!

Stop number one on this sunny day was to Kilwin’s. What a treat - literally! I met Susan, one of the owners, of this delightful chocolate shop and learned about her business and found ways to collaborate and host an event of two. I left with hand-made chocolate fudge, milk chocolate squares (which will leave me in a wonderful sugar crash nap by the end of this post) and a chocolate Easter bunny for my nephew. Learn more at www.kilwins.com

For lunch I strolled over to recently opened The Gym Co., tavern and pizzeria. I enjoyed a pint of 10 Barrel Breweries’ Apocalypse (fitting right?) with a Crossfit wood-fired Pizza (pineapple, ham, and mozzarella). Delicious! I can’t remember the last time I worked out that hard! Plenty of TV’s to dream of watching cancelled sporting events (j/k there was plenty to watch). You can also play darts and chat up the very friendly bartending staff.

My last stop may surprise some - I visited Books Are Awesome in the Target parking lot and purchase a book for my personal reading pleasure. Some of you might be wondering why a guy who wants to open his own bookshop is purchasing from another bookshop. I believe in supporting local businesses so much (And collaboration between indie bookshops) that I will gladly spend my hard earned dollars at another local bookshop. Great book selection and local author Virginia White was in the house. I also got a cookie from a local bakery! Wendy and Denean are very knowledgable about books.

Parker is a thriving town with a vibrant small business community. I am so glad to have set my roots in this remarkable town. Thank you all and I hope to meet you soon and tour my businesses in the future!

I’m currently offering free hand-delivery of goods found at rosscolorenzo.com for Parker residents. Stop by and shop our curated selection today (if there is a book you don’t see online shoot me an email - contact@rosscolorenzo.com - and I’ll get it to you ASAP).

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