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Sharing Is Caring

Yes it is and it is one of my favorite things to do - share the works of indie and local authors. There are so many great books coming out each week and many from well-known names. But what about those we find in our own backyard?

Adam Ross currently reading "Behind Every Great Man" from Marlene Wagman-Gellar

Not only do books from local authors provide a unique perspective or voice but also add some local flavor. When I started diving into this niche of reading I came across San Diego, CA author Matt Coyle's Rick Cahill series which is set is La Jolla and surrounding areas of the county. It was so exciting to read a mystery novel that took place in places I had been to or streets that I had passed. It really felt like I was in on the action as I read - which is truly what we all love about reading.

Take that experience a step further and I began to meet the authors. In person. OMG this fanboy was tickled silly! What a joy it has been over the years to befriend so many authors. Some are more well-known than others but they all are delightful people who have penned some memorable must-reads. Currently I'm in transition from moving to Colorado and my books are packed away in storage otherwise I would pull them out and share the memories I've created and the friendships I've formed.

Not only am I a dedicated book nerd/lover/worm but I am passionate about sharing the books I come across and the authors who have written them. As I am working on putting together local author events and trolling social media to find more books to read I am keeping you in mind. Also while I am hunting for amazing reads Dante is working on his clothing brand - Freakquency. A clothing line takes a lot of work and he is up to the challenge and tinkering away on new designs and ideas.

In the end, I will always be a supporter of the new authors and local writers. I personally find their books to be some of the best I've ever read. If you ever need a recommendation don't hesitate to reach out. Or if you want to have coffee with an author reach out and I'll see what I can do.

Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend my fellow book lovers!

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