• Adam Ross

Seven Seas Roasting

Updated: May 9, 2019

Coffee, coffee, coffee. Java, java, java. Maybe I should lay off on the coffee. Or how about no. Coffee is by far my favorite drink. And Seven Seas Roasting Company has quickly become my favorite roaster.

Seven Seas Roasting Co.

They are my favorite for many reasons; chief among them the company is run by the best group of people. It's Veteran owned and operated as well. I've had the privilege to meet and work with (in an earlier version of one of my entrepreneurial efforts I carried their beans in the shop) them.

Not only do they care about delivering a quality product but they also care about where it comes from and they provide resources and assistance to farmers all over the globe in order to bring you the best cup of coffee possible. And while that is happening they are eagerly learning about every process involved in making coffee - from farming to roasting to serving.

Thanks to Seven Seas I have become hooked on pour over coffee. Some argue this brew type is too labor intensive but I completely disagree. The end result is worth every bit of effort used to make a pot. I highly recommend it. The pour over process delivers a smooth cup of coffee that is so strong and aerated and tasty that it leaves me wanting more! But then I might never see sleep haha!

Visit them at sevenseasroasting.com - AND they recently opened their flagship store in the quaint neighborhood of South Park just north of downtown San Diego. Congrats roasters extreme!

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