• Adam Ross

Lucky Lady - A Poem

A poem from Parker poet Kimberly Kay.

We found this appropriate for this lovely time of year.

When you think of him,

think of the way he holds you,

So tenderly and tight.

Think of his kiss,

Promising a lifetime of tenderness.

Think of his touch,

How ever lasting.

Think of his love,

His never ending words of kindness.

If one day,

When you think of him, badly,

Stop and think of yourself,

How happy you are.

How he could have hurt you,

but instead he cared.

How he could have pushed you away,

But drew you closer.

When you think of him,

Let it show in your eyes,

in your voice,

in your slightest movement.

Let the world know you’re in love

and a very lucky lady.”

Thank you Kimberly Kay for sharing with us! More to come from this talented poet in the near future.

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