• Adam Ross

Legacy of Secrets - The Review

by Colorado Author Helen Starbuck.


Helen Starbuck does not disappoint! This stand-alone tale introduces us to a new set of characters, a side of mystery and a meaningful romance.

A shocking death introduces us to Kate. As a result of the death she inherits some land in a quiet corner of Colorado. Nothing makes sense to Kate as she visits the property. She has more questions than answers.

Along comes the neighbor, Evan. He is just as stunned by the turn of events and with the young lady who now is visiting. What I love most about this story - aside from the lurking mystery - is these two. Kate and Evan are damaged souls and their meeting seems to be the universe’s way of healing them. Together they unlock a legacy of secrets that Kate has grown up around. And they unlock secrets about themselves.

A fantastic tale that will leave you shocked (family...sometimes just...yeah). But this tale of two wounded souls healing and finding a way together...that’s the real pot of gold in this tale.

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