• Adam Ross

It's a-Live! It's a-Live!

It has been a few months but RosscoLorenzo is back up and running. When you are moving from one state to another and then jump feet first into starting your own business - you'd be surprised by how much can go wrong so quickly. However, we have been undeterred in our mission. In fact, we've been spending some time networking and creating and hosting a few events.

We love Wheat Ridge and Denver! Well, we just love Colorado period

Let's recap where we're at. Thanks to the fine folks at Gelaffle Cafe and the newly opened Pierogies Factory in Wheat Ridge we have been able to host morning coffee and author events. Guests have been able to stop in and meet a local author and hear about their book and get to spend a morning with them. We've hosted Dustin Waite, Susan Golicic, Nick Arvin, JE Pinto, Rosalee Remington and Charles Peraiano and have loved every one of their events!

We've also paired with with folks who run Damn Fine Cold Brew for an awesome community collective group that will be taking shape a bit more after the new year. We're hosting a live painting event and a book n beer night here in October. And look for us at the upcoming Wheat Ridge Trunk N Treat night.

Now that we're all caught up you're probably wondering when you can start shopping at RosscoLorenzo. Soon my friends...very soon. By November 1st the retail part of our site will be up and running. And we've got some awesome giftsets and collabs coming your way as well as some locally made products that will trip the light fantastic!

In the meantime, be sure to subscribe to our mailing list so you don't miss a thing! Thank you for being a part of RosscoLorenzo and hope to meet you all soon!

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