• Adam Ross

Introducing Petrichor Beauty LLC

Guest post by Stephanie Bente, Owner of Petrichor Beauty LLC and children's book author.

Petrichor Beauty LLC is a Colorado based company that uses local and ethically sourced CBD along with transdermal oils to create all natural topicals and tinctures that relieve pain, aid in sleep, help calm anxiety and turn back the hands of time on your skin. Our light and airy body butter melts into your skin, leaving your muscles and joints nurtured and pain free. 


Here is what they CAN do…

Nourish your skin

Not clog your pores

Revitalize your senses

Help with muscle pain

Relieve sun, wind and heat burn

Soothe your mind

Replenish your energy 

This is not only due to the cannabaniods. We use all natural and organic ingredients.  Every ingredient we use works in an effort to bring your body what it needs.

WHAT’S IN YOUR CBD PRODUCTS? ARE THERE TEST RESULTS ON THE LABEL? Many companies in the CBD industry cloud details about their products to boost sales. It is not illegal to manipulate a label to make it look like there is more CBD in a product. (HEMP OIL DOES NOT NECESSARILY CONTAIN CBD nor does it have the same pain relieving and healing properties) Our products DO contain a very small amount of THC, this helps the CBD work more efficiently. Petrichor Beauty brings black and white to a grey industry. We are transparent about what is in our products and all batches are tested by a state approved testing facility. KNOW what you are putting in and on your body. It’s your right.


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