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Introducing Colorado Author Ronnie Lee Graham

A guest post from Parker, CO author Ronnie Lee Graham.

"I am the next to the youngest of seven kids. I was born at home, on the farm where my father worked as a farm hand. Most of my childhood was spent within a short bicycle ride of the Mississippi River. So, appropriately, Mark Twain was my favorite author until I discovered Stephen King in high school. No offense to farmers, but I left the farm as soon as I could. I wanted to see the world, so I enlisted in the Army Infantry and that turned out to be the start of a grand adventure that I would not trade for anything. In my life I’ve been a soldier, an officer, a diplomat, and a senior government civilian. Today, when not writing, I’m most likely found out on a trail or working for any of several charities. My weekly writers coffee, The Pen Drop, now has over five hundred members on MeetUp.

I published my first book, And Then, the Train Wrecked, a nonfiction, self help book on grief, in 2014, a year after my wife unexpectedly died from pancreatic cancer. It is a very unique book in that it was intentionally written while experiencing grief at its worst. It is an honest telling of the emotional effects of grief, intended to help others understand what it’s like. It has been described as, “A poignant, brutally honest work” and is being used by at least one counselor in clinical practice.  My second book, The Inventor, is a christian fiction novel that tells the story of four entangled lives who are unknowing pawns in the struggle of good-verses-evil. This is a feel good book. Good conquers evil and love overcomes all obstacles. It is the kind of book that after reading the final page, the reader exhales, closes the cover, and hugs it to their chest while looking around, admiring God’s great creation. The story line, killer drones stolen from a military base as a visit from the President nears, could be tomorrow’s headline. Yet, the more subtle story of what influences the characters as they make their free-will decisions, leading to the apex of the plot, is what makes this book unique. The Inventor is available for checkout at both the Pikes Peak Library and the Douglas County, Parker location.  My third book, The Nfin8 Echo, tells the story of an internet blogger who runs afoul of the pharmaceutical industry. A group of hackers, led by the mysterious person known only as N3RD, joins in the fight, but they may be too late to make a difference.

I have two other books, "The Runner" series about a pair of West Texas brothers, Finn and Cross MacAdams, and their adventures around the world searching for lost ancient artifacts. They run afoul of Za’al Mustafah and his gang of antiquities thieves at every turn and must battle to stay one step ahead of him and INTERPOL. Book one is finished and professionally edited. The second book is well under way while I’m shopping the first one, The Runner, From the Ruins, to agents and publishers." - Ronnie Lee Graham.

Welcome to Parker Ronnie! Thank you for sharing your literary highlights and journey. Looking forward to reviewing and reading your books.

Visit www.ronnieleegraham.com to learn more and subscribe to his newsletter.

And pick up a copy of his book The Inventor by clicking here. In paperback and enjoy free shipping.

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