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Introducing Colorado Author Karen Hudgins

"Karen Hudgins has been creative since she was little, yet, she had no clue that she was destined to be a writer. She has forever loved stories, though, in their many forms. Movies, songs, books, and told tales always fascinated her and still do.

She’d once moved to Santa Fe with her husband, a newspaper man, and that was where the writing bug bit her. The desire to write stuck with her while his work took them to Texas. In 1989 she wrote her first piece on a yellow pad in the kitchen. Still in her pajamas when he came home from work, she showed him her first serious writing efforts…one full page, and it was about two star-crossed people meeting in a garden.

So inspired and challenged about this new outlet, she devoted herself to learning the craft. Eventually, she worked on the staff side at Rice University in the English Department, and attended the University’s C.E. writing classes. Soon to follow, she attended professional conventions and conferences, perused many writing books, entered writing contests, joined national writer organizations, wrote over weekends and through holidays, won a few awards, and gave talks. She has written nine published works of fiction, and her tenth is in progress.

Born in the East, she had also put down roots in the Midwest, South, and now in Colorado, where her writing continues. Her novels, first of which were contemporary single-title romance, are character-driven. Her degree in behavioral science has helped her create credible characters who overcome life’s problems, or determinedly find out Whodunit. She’s fond of the element of Setting and has written a non-fiction guide about its role in fiction.

For quite a while nature photography also fed her creative spirit. She’s still a life-long learner and makes use of imagination and promises a happy ending. Lately, her recent work is in the mystery genre, where good wins out over evil. Karen is a grandmother and also “mom” to her ginger-colored cat. Meeting readers and writers brings her joy. KEH, April, 2020.

Pick up a copy of her book "Death of a Mermaid" by clicking here:


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