• Adam Ross

Indie Bookstore Day

Probably my favorite day of the year! A day dedicated to sharing our love of Indie Bookstores. Usually this event happens in April every year but this has not been a regularly programmed year. So for 2020 the powers that be have made it August 29th and I couldn't be more excited!

Thanks to the kind folks at the American Booksellers Association for organizing this event. Many indie bookshops around the country will be having special deals, give-aways and highlighting their favorite books. Not only is this day one where the indie bookshops get to shine but it is also a great way to show your support by popping in and picking up a book or a dozen (order them like donuts!).

For all my life I have enjoyed reading. My grandmother got me hooked on not only reading but also hanging out in bookstores and libraries. While RosscoLorenzo is an online shop I dream of the day when I have four walls and a roof and a warm welcome sign inviting you in to browse and nerd out over our favorite books. With the pandemic on-line shopping is a great way to shop safely from home. The curated collection at RosscoLorenzo suits every taste and every genre. Recently I added a politics page and a page for the LGBTQIA community. More titles are being added weekly.

Join me for a digital tour this Saturday, August 29th of some of my favorite bookshops around Colorado. One thing we can all do that won't cost you a cent is to share your favorite indie bookshop on your social media feed and leave reviews for the shops - all that helps greatly! Looking forward to our digital tour Saturday!

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