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RosscoLorenzo - The General Store

Updated: May 5, 2019

Where did this idea come from? We could say the Scarlet Witch manipulated our fragile little minds. Or we could say we lost a game of beer pong with some talented frat guys. But at the end of the day the entrepreneurial bug simply bit us and bit us hard.

Scarlet Wtitch from Marvel's Avengers franchise.

RosscoLorenzo is the culmination of many, many passions and ideas. Not only do we envision the shop as a retail platform but also a place to come together to celebrate - whether it be with an art showing or a tribal dance party. What you'll find: books, an assortment of hand-crafted goods, a clothing brand, beer, coffee, wine, weed accessories, events, and well a refreshing break from the usual stores and shops.

Walter Chang's Market

The website launch is merely the first step. Like in the movie Tremors we see the RosscoLorenzo General Store as a community hub. Shop, sample some local brews and coffees, lounge, meet friends, hide from graboids and attend some kick-ass events. What more could you want from a brick and mortar establishment?

Run by two gentle spirits who are partnered not only in business but also in life - Adam and Dante have taken their plentiful excess energy and channeled it into this endeavor. In hopes of bringing you a mix of quality goods (some made by them and others brought in from like-minded makers and crafters). You'll also find a sampling of books from local authors and those just making a name for themselves.

And the cornerstone of the shop - Freakquency. A clothing brand unlike any other and one that embodies Dante Lorenzo's fierce, eclectic and unique spirit. His look is one admired by many and now you'll get a chance to be a part of his tribe with his festival and fetish gear.

Blessings and Good Freakquencies

Folks we thank you for stopping by and taking the time to see what we are all about. Feel free to sign up for our newsletter - we'll only send you good stuff (from beer and coffee recommendations, new goods arriving in the store, and invitations to events we're hosting - we do put on some mighty fine events if I do say so myself). And thank you for being a part of our growing tribe.

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