• Adam Ross

From Beaten to Badass - The Review

This is an impactful read and very eye-opening. A lot has happened to author Baer in a short amount of time. Which is why it is so appropriately titled - From Beaten to Badass.

Each section is laid out as a lesson from someone who left an impression in her life and taught her something meaningful. We are introduced to her parents, closest friends and coaches who all arrived in her life before a series of terrible events. The universe put those people first to teach her so she could overcome and persevere.

While the book does a great job of introducing us to a number of dark themes - rape and domestic abuse - there is so much more happening beyond the book. Erin Baer is a force of nature and is not letting all this slow her down. Her dedication to building awareness and support for victims of domestic abuse is admirable. I encourage everyone to stop by her website - beatentobadass.com and see just how much work she is doing.

Congrats on the book Erin! And thank you, sincerely, for sharing your journey in such an open way.

I highly encourage you to visit Erin’s website at beatentobadass.com to stay up to date on all the amazing work she is doing. You can also purchase your copy of her book on her site. She’s a pillar of strength and is absolutely a badass.

Visit thehotline.org if you or someone you know needs assistance with domestic violence.

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