• Adam Ross


Updated: 7 days ago

For seven years I have worked to bring my love of local authors to a brick and mortar venue. I was close right before the COVID. I believe that on-line venues will be the future or at least be the larger chunk of cheese for small businesses.

In the last year I have been challenged personally and saw the darkest darkness out there. And I built myself up and pulled through and will continue to thrive and do well.

In all of this craziness in the world and what I’ve been through I find myself in a very different frame of mind. One that does not require accomplishment and a deep desire to leave my mark on the world - but one of peace and happiness and memories and good times and better people.

That being said I’ll be wrapping up this RosscoLorenzo journey at the end of the month - September 30, 2020. I want to focus on me and friends and family. This has been fun but I want to move in other directions and live life a bit more.

Thank you all for everything. It’s been a very good time and I’ve learned a lot and made a lot of very good friends. And if you need a good book - visit www.bookbardenver.com - they have an amazing online shop and host a number of terrific author events for adults and kids alike.

See you around. Cheers!

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