• Adam Ross

Flygirl - the Review


By San Diego author Robin D. Kardon


Simply marvelous! A terrific debut novel that is filled with a cast of strong, well thought out characters. Tris - the lead character - is strong, inspirational and memorable.

She's leaving a small airline for the next step up - to fly a larger more elite class of airplane for a corporate airline. Tris is determined to become a pilot. As we learn early on, the aviation world is dominated by men. Most of them eyeball Tris before giving her aerial talents a chance. She ignores it and drives through the obstacles and barriers as best she can so that she can achieve her goal to become a pilot in the first seat.

In private she worries and stresses. But at work she is solid and unshakable. In the face of a couple of near accidents (that could have become disasters) she is unflappable. A great character!

As we read about Tris' journey we also get behind the scenes information about life as a pilot. Turns out, it really isn't all that glamorous and sometimes other hats have to be worn. R.D. Kardon delivers a great debut novel that is sure to resonate with a younger crowd looking for inspiration as they strive to make their dreams a reality.

R.D.'s writing brings you into a world you never want to leave. She tosses in the sharp humor for good measure as well. In a couple of instances I had a good chuckle. Can't wait to see what the future brings for Tris and for author R.D. Kardon!

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