• Adam Ross

Flaunt! - the Glittery Review!

Flaunt! By Lora Cheadle, Life Choreographer


When it comes to self-help books I am always skeptical. Am I going to be sold a bill of goods? Or is it the real deal? In this case it is the real deal and packed full of glitter!

Maybe because my path in life is at a moment when this book spoke to me on every level. I needed to hear these words. And man oh man did this book light a fire!

Lora Cheadle’s energy and enthusiasm for living the best life possible - for herself and those she has yet to meet - is apparent from the first word. Reading this book literally made me want to dance on the bus while reading it. As she says - Flaunt!

The book is broken down into three sections. The first deals with your past beliefs and thoughts and how to navigate through the trenches of upbringing. The second chapter is the emotional core, providing examples and a road map to moving forward. And the third chapter gives the detailed questions and guidance to firm up your bold new move. I have yet to pick out a burlesque stage name, but these rusty gears are turning.

This is not only a must-read but also a must-buy. You’ll want to read this over and over again if for nothing else but to simply feel good and smile, letting your radiant personality shine. Flaunt! is my feel good book of the year. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart Lora Cheadle for penning this book and being such a pillar of inspiration to those near and far.

Visit www.loracheadle.com to learn how to be your best self!

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