• Adam Ross

Fast-Track Your Business

Fast-Track Your Business


available February 12, 2020

written by Laura Patterson


Any book that helps business owners and entrepreneurs is worth a look, in my opinion. That being said - Fast-Track Your Business is worth your full attention. And be sure to bring a notepad along. This book is filled with rich guidance for those looking to grow their business.

Of the many things I like about this book is it’s bare bones approach to a practical business model. It doesn’t get bogged down in social media practices or fast-sales techniques. Instead it focus on what a business owner should be thinking and where their focus should be. Don’t get me wrong, content and contests and video and pictures like and followers are crucial elements to building a customer base but those don’t keep the bills paid.

By focusing on a customer-centric approach as author Laura Patterson teaches us we can aim the business easily so that we too may organically grow as a company and increase market share and value.

A quick, impactful read for those needing a pep talk to re-focus. And a valuable tool for business growth.


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