• Adam Ross

Entrepreneurism: pulling back the curtain

Greetings fellow entrepreneurs and readers! Typically I’m blogging about local events, artists or books and authors. But today I wanted to share what it looks like daily to be an entrepreneur and what that feels like - on a personal level, beyond the cutting edge sound of the word.

Yes it really sounds like you are onto something when you say you’re an entrepreneur. But in reality it is scary, risky and difficult to spell correctly when writing a blog about it. So why do it? Why leave the safety of a predictable job to start something? To create something?

For me - it is an itch that begs to be scratched and explored. A feeling that won’t go away. When I wake up everyday my first thoughts are around my husband Dante. Shortly after that I arrive at RosscoLorenzo. And while it doesn’t seem like much is happening - the think tank between my ears is making plans and having conversations. Some say my greatest strength is networking and connecting people. This is one piece of my operation I do enjoy greatly.

I look toward an unstable future building my company with excitement and delight. I am creating something from scratch. It’s exhilarating! Terrifying at the same time because it is so unknown. Who knows if this shop will work for the rest of my life like I plan on. But I wake up each day looking for ways to get me closer to that.

You should see the notebooks lying around my room. Filled with notes and ideas an email addresses and events to make. As I wind down this rollercoaster of a year I look forward to 2020 - the year of vision! Or at least, the year I will finally be able to make the vision clear.

This week I will be recording the first episode of my weekly podcast. In February I will be partnering with a local event space to rent a space from them and host events regularly. We’ll be working with an edgy local magazine to bring forth author and poet events. I’ll be adding local brands to the assortment on the store page. Indeed the new year is going to be the next level of RosscoLorenzo.

Yes there were obstacles this year. There were good choices and bad choices made. As an entrepreneur I find myself succeeding because I’m rolling with the punches and make the best of what I have and learning from it all. To me, that’s what the spirit of an entrepreneur is - moving forward, falling and getting up, learning endlessly and keeping your chin up.

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