• Adam Ross

Don't Look For Me - The Review

What a thrill ride! Holy moly I could not put this down. Wendy Walker delivers the goods on this summer suspense read.

Molly Clarke is on the verge of a breakdown after suffering an unimaginable loss. Her family is devastated and seemingly distancing themselves for the role she played in that event. And then - just like that, Molly hops into a truck driven by a seemingly good neighbor and disappears.

Her daughter Nic, full of regret and guilt for backing away from her mother, gets a phone call from a woman in the town her mother disappeared from. After a brief visit with the woman Nicole begins to pull at the yarn and slowly but surely begins to unravel the twisted, secret filled tale her mother finds herself caught up in. However, it isn't her mother who is in danger.

Even with all the horrible, nightmarish elements of this suspenseful ride happening the love of a family pulling together to find their mother and to heal from the tragic loss they have endured stands tall. Their determination to come together and come out of it alive really shows how deep a family's love can go. Not for one second does Nicole give up. And not for one second does her mother Molly.

Wendy Walker is an amazing writer who takes on an incredible journey as she weaves a web so delicately placed that it is breath-taking. Be sure to add this to your summer reading list.

Available in hardcover on September 15, 2020. Pre-order today and save 25% and enjoy free shipping!


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