• Adam Ross

Dead Reckoning - The Review

Dead Reckoning

by Caitlin Rother


While we are always here to be a cheerleader for our local authors here in Colorado we’re also busy reading and sharing the works of our friends out in San Diego. True crime author Caitlin Rother (who has become a good friend) recently re-released Dead Reckoning - a story with so many twists and turns you would think it was a work of fiction.

A young man named Skyler takes a keen interest in a luxury boat being sold by a middle-aged couple. Together with his young wife Jennifer the twenty-somethings purchase the boat. Tom and Jackie Hawkes take the couple out to sea for a trial run. However, when the yacht returns they are not onboard.

it isn’t long before family and friends alert the authorities about the missing couple. Detectives are quickly led to Skyler and Jennifer. As they interview them and their friends they discover a shocking and horrible conspiracy.

Dead Reckoning draws you right in. At times I thought I was reading a mystery fiction book. Author Rother has done a great job laying out this true story. Filled with the background of Skyler and Jennifer we’re painted a portrait of a pair of troubled young people desperately looking for a way to become rich and famous.

After Skyler is arrested and imprisoned we’re told a narrative that I didn’t expect. Skyler is transgender and seeking re-assignment surgery in prison. This is a hot topic as most say they don’t want their taxpayer dollars going toward the surgery of convicted felons. I found this piece of the tale to be quite fascinating and a view point that is not often thought about.

A must-read true crime novel.

Learn more about Caitlin Rother and her other published works at www.caitlinrother.com

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