• Adam Ross

Chasing Beverly - the Review


Chasing Beverly by Ashlynn Cubbison

A wonderful tale filled with hope, love and moving on.

We meet ambitious and business-savvy Beverly early on. She seems to be one cold cucumber. But not to Gavin, even though he can’t immediately explain why. As the days go on and their interactions go from business related to friends his attraction grows more intense. Which is why the book is appropriately titled ‘Chasing Beverly’ as he begins to pursue her. Beverly, however, is reluctant and holds onto some devastating secrets from her past.

Both central characters come from damaged pasts and are doing the best they can.

Actually, they are doing rather well - despite not dealing with trauma of their younger lives.

Ashlynn Cubbison brings up a fantastic debut novel. The flow of the story is perfect. The characters are solid with established histories and lives and businesses. I look forward to their next chapter and future works from author Cubbison.

To learn more about this outstanding debut novelist visit her website at www.ashlynncubbison.com

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