• Adam Ross

My Name Is Rose - The Review

Updated: May 26, 2019

A tender tale that reminds us that home is always home.

My Name is Rose - the second novel from San Diego Author Alexa Kingaard

In Kingaard's second book we are introduced to a young lady named Rose. She lives in a commune created by her parents and their close friends. As the years wear on more and more of the commune's land gets purchased by the world around it. And the founding residents and their families slowly move on.

All the while Rose is growing up and starting to wonder about what lies outside of the commune. Her parents have never hidden the world from her; however, they haven't encouraged it either.

One day Rose sets out to make her dreams come true and see what lies out there in that great big world. She ventures out into the world and reconnects with someone from her past and it isn't long before they are engaged and starting a family of their own. As the years grow by Rose adapts and blossoms into who she wants to be. She faces challenges both ordinary and extraordinary.

Alexa Kingaard is a favorite author of mine and a dear friend and I am thrilled for her literary success! Keep this book handy as it is one you will want to read again and again. I loved seeing how Rose transitioned from communal life to the outside world and yet she still remained herself in spite of facing such a dramatic change of scenery. Her spirit is strong and honest.

Be sure to check out her website for all her writing adventures and both of her books - www.alexakingaard.com. And we've got My Name Is Rose in the shop as one of our ten featured reads of the month, so grab your copy and enjoy!

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