• Adam Ross

Blacktop Wasteland - The Review

This book is one wild, daring and amazing ride. I enjoyed it from the very first word.

Beauregard (aka "Bug") is living the straight life. He runs a mechanic shop, has a wife, a daughter, and two boys, and a mother who is filled with bitterness. However, his business is failing, his mother is about to be kicked out of her nursing home for past due bills and his daughter is turning away from college because she can't afford it. All of this falls on Bug to solve.

So he turns to the life he thought he was done with. His love of cars and speed racing helps get him a job with a low-life named Ronnie Sessions. You want to trust this guy but there's just something about him that makes you think twice. And Bug definitely thinks twice. He ends up taking a job robbing a jewelry store that is set to receive some diamonds that aren't on the manifest. This simple grab and go job turns into anything but that.

Of the million things I enjoyed with this book is his family. They adore him and he them. He will do anything for them. The struggles he has with his dead father and his past and how he balances his daily life. It really is the tale of every working man and the dreams that those people have. And just how far a father will go - especially when he has a certain set of skills.

My hat is tipped to you author S.A. Cosby - a stunning and fast-paced debut. Congrats!

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Visit author S.A. Cosby's online home at www.twitter.com/blacklionking73

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