• Adam Ross

Beer Review

Updated: May 9, 2019

Mikkeller Windy Hill IPA

While I now reside in the foothills of the Rockies in Colorado my introduction to beer began in sunny San Diego.

Which is why my first beer review will be a fond stroll down memory lane and a thanks to the burgeoning craft beer scene in San Diego.

One of the first craft IPA's I was introduced to was from Mikkeller - called Windy Hill. Perhaps it was the tall, slim blue can that caught my eye (whoever said you can't judge a beer by its can is wrong). Or maybe it was the bold 7% alcohol level.

Regardless of what drew me to this divine beer, I am thankful that I sampled it. I was an instant fan. I didn't sample any of the other Mikkeller labels but they are definitely on my list. What I loved about this beer was the smooth taste. It's a blond for sure and not too strong. It never leaves an after taste. Other beers did and that morning after is already bad enough with a hang over let alone stale beer in the back of your throat.

Windy Hill sadly can't be shipped to Colorado. However, there are many breweries in town calling my name and many brews to sample that promise to not only be delicious but lead to some memorable times.

To learn more about this San Diego beer visit them at mikkellersd.com

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