• Adam Ross

Anecdote Cafe - a lovely coffeebar all about community.

Located at 8th and Sherman this retro-hip coffee parlor sits on the edge of Capital Hill. The best part? It is way more than a coffeeshop. This shop loves to support and show off local talent.

Emily is one of the owner’s and is such a sweetheart. She is hard working, super friendly and recognized my bald dome before I even made it to the counter! Talk about making me feel unique and coming back for more! While I was making my drink decision I noticed a handful of little plaques with a note. Use these to network and break the ice. How cool is that? What a terrific way to network for business, make friends or just show off that you have written the great American novel.

In chatting with Emily it came up that I would like to find a central location for our “Coffee with an Author” series. She jumped at the opportunity. Already they do so much for local wordsmiths such as being a drop-in writing destination for NaNoWriMo. And they have hosted me a few times as I crank out my debut memoir.

This coffeeshop has it all - community, coffee, swanky upholstered booths and a warm and inviting team. Oh! And they serve Novo Coffee, locally roasted here in Colorado.

All in all Anecdote is just that - the anecdote for a unique coffeehouse that will keep you coming back for more.

To see their hours and event schedule visit www.anecdotecafe.com

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