• Adam Ross

All About Bona (coffee that is)

Getting out of town can be as easy as a trip north to Boulder. Which was an additional perk of my day long business trip. My main goal - to visit Bona Coffee Roasters, sample their coffee and pick up some bags of beans for the General Store.

For quite some time I have been looking for a roaster to pair with. Once we build the brick and mortar I imagine a fancy coffee bar where a local roaster will keep us eager readers caffeinated. I found that roaster in Bona. They are the friendliest, warmest crew you could meet. And they know their coffee like we know how to breath.

Social media has changed so much of a business person’s life. In one regard we can communicate via Instagram. Which is how the dialogue started with Kevin, the Bona sales rep. He was open to the idea and even coined the phrase “Book N Brew” for the giftsets. That little touch - naming a giftset - shows me his desire to see this little shop succeed.

(Pictured above: the Rea Frey Book N Brew Set featuring my favorite Sumatra Blend flight pack $25 at the RosscoLorenzo General Store)

I had the good fortune to meet Vanessa, one of the owners of this family-owned company. She is a delight! And so dedicated to bringing quality coffee to our day. I happened to stop in on the morning they were celebrating the opening of their first shop (located at 3550 Frontier Ave in a shared space with Sanitas Brewpub). They source their beans directly from farms all over the world. They like to say they are their friends with their partners now and love how things have grown.

My personal favorite is the Sumatra blend. A lovely dark and bold way to start the day! And it just makes me think of tigers. In the works - our “Coffee with an Author” series will land in Boulder for the wordsmiths up that way. Be sure to subscribe to our irregularly published newsletter to plan your literary and espresso filled day trip!

Visit www.bonacoffeeroasters.com to be a part of the journey and to find your new favorite blend.

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